Done Deal. Finally closed!

You were such a help to us, gave us such wise and thoughtful advice through both the failed refi and the success, and made us feel really comfortable and like we were in safe hands throughout. We appreciate it so much and are of course so thrilled with the result! We will be shouting your name from the rooftops to everyone we know when they want to do a refi.
Thanks again- R

18 years later

Thank you, as always, for your sound judgment. I always remember the first piece of advice you gave us when we were buying out here: you said, ‘don’t get emotionally attached when making an offer on a house, and remember another one always comes along’. You raise a very good point about tax issues. I am going to put a call into our tax guy.

Closing Statement and pleasant refund check

Thank you for a job well done. I hope I have the opportunity to send many customers your way.
Thx again. M

You have made this process easy, painless, and understandable

Thank you,

You certainly have made this refi process easy, painless, and understandable.

I especially appreciate your accessibility, being able to pick up the phone and get an immediate response made a huge difference in my comfort level.

I assure you that I will refer you to friends and family interested in financing their homes.
Best to you… (for sure!!!)

Fun to talk to

Thanks so much for all your hard work, dedication and just being a nice, fun, intelligent guy to talk to!
I hope someday we can put some clients your way.
Kind Regards, N

Voice of reason was what we needed

Wow! Your voice of reason was what we needed and I think my son will hold off on a house purchase for now. I was the one driving the idea since I was concerned about interest rates going up again since I heard the housing market was becoming more robust.
You’re a gem,

We won’t be talking for another 30 years

Thank you for all your hard work that you’ve done for us. Too bad we won’t be talking for another 30 years… Unless we find some extra cash to buy another place.

Your files are always a pleasure to work on…

Thank goodness it finally funded!!! Sometimes we just run into these situations that are bit more difficult than they need to be. It’s just part of the business.
Your files are always a pleasure to work on…
All in all, it’s funded and they can finally move into their first home.
Thank you for all your help getting the items in that we needed.

I kept calling you year after year

Thanks Jeff. We are very satisfied with your efforts. Talked to my sister about you and she agrees you are a good source and a cool person! I really think its cool that I kept calling you year after year and you were in fact honest about what my wife and I could or could not do. You told me to hang on and when its the right time you’d help then and then only!

Things will be ok.

Thank you Jeff – seriously you make me feel confident things will be ok.


Your sense of humor helps me

Your sense of humor helps me make it through these crazy days and puts a smile on my face.

Loan just funded moments ago.

That’s fantastic news! Thank you very much! I feel great about having secured such a great rate. Have a very nice weekend.