INCOME:  Copy of all sources of your income:

W2’s All borrowers All sources. (2 Years)

Federal Tax Returns with all pages and schedules.  Or copy of Extension after April 1st.  No State Tax Returns needed for file.  (2 Years)

Paycheck Stubs covering current month showing current Year-To-Date (Y-T-D) income.  Trades people provide last paycheck stub from each job or project this year.  Example of trades people: television, movie, entertainment industry, music or recording industry, production companies, programmers, translators, etc…

Corporate Tax Returns 1120 or 1120S last two years.

K1′s (2 years)

1065′s and/or Corporate Returns (2 Years)

Copy of your annual Social Security Award Letter

Retirement Letters

Disability Income Documentation

Contract Income

Trust Income Documentation

Copy of leases on properties that you rent. (Not always needed)

Copies of Notes, Trust Deeds, Residual Contracts or Royalty Agreements.

ASSETS:  Copy of last two months statements ALL NUMBERED PAGES:

Do Not Highlight Balances.  Photocopy on one side of paper only.  Personal and Business Accounts for each category that applies to you:

Checking Accounts

Savings Accounts

Money Market

CD’s and/or Time Deposits

Brokerage Accounts  (ALL Pages)

Online Stock Brokerage Accounts

Mutual Fund Accounts

ASSETS: Last Quarterly or Annual Statement ALL PAGES:

Do Not Highlight Balances.  Photocopy on one side of paper only.






Employee Savings Plan

Investment Plan

STRS Type Retirement Plans

PERS Type Retirement Plans

Motion Picture Industry Retirement Plan

Insurance Policy with Cash Surrender Value.

The following documents are needed ONLY if they apply to you:

Copy of Bankruptcy Discharge Papers including ALL Schedules.

Copy of the release for any judgments that appear on your credit report.

Divorce Decree and attached agreement including child support papers.

Paid receipts for any collection accounts.

Tax Liens if outstanding, have to be paid in escrow at closing

Collections reported as unpaid on credit report, have to be paid in escrow at closing or in most cases prior to submitting the loan package to underwriting.

Judgments have to be paid in escrow at closing

Closing Statement HUD-1 for any property purchased or sold within 12 months of today

Condo.  Name of Homeowners Association, management company phone number and contact person.



You can email all your documents.

We accept .pdf, .doc, .docx files.

jpg files are difficult to use and convert for loan processing purposes

and should only be used if no other digital document conversion option is available.

Each page image needs to be well under 1mb size.

Call for fax number or email address.  It’s not listed on the site.


Mail all documentation to:

Harp Financial Mortgage Company

26500 West Agoura Road #102-649

Calabasas, California 91302-1952


Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

 California Properties only

818-878-9538   Office: Leave a Voicemail.


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