Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarms Now Required

 On July 1, 2011, California passed a law requiring all homes to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector installed. 

Appraisers are required to photograph and include comments in the appraisal documenting Carbon Monoxide Detectors are installed, in each home they appraise.

If the Carbon Monoxide Detector is not installed, the appraiser must return to the house a second time, at a charge to the borrower of $125, to photograph the CO detectors and update the appraisal report, after they are installed and before funding the loan.


A MINIMUM OF ONE – Carbon Monoxide Detector must be installed:

–          In the bedrooms or in the hall near the bedroom area.


A MINIMUM OF TWO or more – Carbon Monoxide Detectors must be installed:

–          IF bedrooms are on different floors:  A Detector is required on each floor.

–          IF bedrooms are located at opposite ends of the house on the same floor:  

–          one detector is required within each area of the house near the bedrooms.


Many home improvement stores (OSH, Lowes, Home Depot, ACE Hardware etc…)

Sell them at a cost of $20 to $50 or even more, depending on the features.  It is similar to a smoke detector in size and function.   A plug-in the outlet version is acceptable.

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